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Pigeon racing and Dog Walking: The words that make an Aussie smile wide!

Australia is a place blessed with an obsession for sports. No matter what sport it is, Aussies are good at whatever they do. It also is the residence of animal and bird lovers. Australia has always been the hub of creative games, sports events and animal showcasing. So this content tells everything that you have to know about Pigeon racing and dog-walking. Two entirely different sports with one thing in common, ‘Aussies’.


Most of us are well aware of the word babysitting, so if you are going to babysit a dog, that is what is called dog-walking. Dog-walking is actually a service point you can get to when you need someone to take care of your pet. These dog walkers take care of the food, physical and mental wellbeing of the pets. But dog walking is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of patience and compassion to do this service.  Because its not about your own dog. Sometimes taking a dog for a walk can be very difficult and time consuming. Dogs don’t prefer you if they have trust issues. So dog-walkers have to make sure that the dogs trust and listen to them. In Australia to set up ‘dog-walking’ points the company must have public liability and should possess an ABN (Australian Business Number).

Taking this lovely dog for a walk

Pigeon racing:

The Central Cumberland Federation in Australia is the largest organization for racing. Among them, the Qld Racing Pigeon Federation Inc. (QRPF) which is located in Brisbane, is the biggest of all. Every year the federation organizes racing tournaments for the members of the federation. The bird’s traveling distance starts at 145 kilometers and gradually increases to 1000 kilometers. They are released at the start point by a specialized transporter. They travel for and the first bird to reach its home loft first will be declared the winner.


But today this sport is on the verge of extinction. In a world of technology, nobody wants to see a bird fight in its flight and reach its destination.   So these tournaments happen with very fewer competitors today. The federation is trying hard to keep this sport alive. The start of pigeon racing dates back to the Second World War years. Every practice and every tradition will fall apart one day, but with dedication, true labor and love for birds, we can save this sport from sinking.